Even as cannabis usage is increasingly legalized and destigmatized in the U.S., there’s still little knowledge of how the drug is used by or affects several population groups — including new parents.

To coincide with Mother’s Day, the online women’s cannabis lifestyle magazine Miss Grass released the results of a survey collected from over 700 mothers, with questions ranging from cannabis usage during and after pregnancy and the mothers’ reasons for using THC/CBD, to how public or private they keep their cannabis usage from family and friends. While the results are admittedly skewed — 98.2% of respondents say they consume cannabis, but nearly all are presumably readers of Miss Grass — they do provide insight into what expectant mothers view as their relationship to the drug.

“We launched the survey last Mother’s Day, just to test it,” says Anna Duckworth, one of the cofounders of Miss Grass. The survey coincided around the time of the site’s launch, and focused mainly on the shame and stigma surrounding mothers who use cannabis. It received over 200 responses, many of them very “impassioned,” according to Duckworth, and it inspired the new survey to dive deeper into the experience of using THC while pregnant and being a mother.

The new survey asks basic cannabis use questions such as, “Did you consume cannabis before being a mom?” and other questions such as methodology (vaping, smoking, topical creams, etc.) and use (treating nausea, treating insomnia, relaxing, etc.). It then dives into questions surrounding cannabis use during pregnancy: what kind of usage (smoking or ingesting THC, or using CBD-only supplements) and what symptoms the cannabis was used to treat, with nausea being the most common. THC usage also greatly surpassed CBD usage for pregnant mothers who chose to consume one or the other.

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