A Winnipeg-based cannabis producer has been stripped of its senior management team after a third-party investigation found the company sold unauthorized product in Saskatchewan.

George Robinson, the contractor hired to investigate the troubled company facing two Health Canada recalls, said the three Bonify executives were also accused of bullying and threatening staff workers who tried to speak up.

“I don’t know what their motivation and driver is, but what they did was not at all remotely close to following the regulations,” said Robinson, chief executive of RavenQuest Technologies Inc, of the top executives during a 50-minute news conference Thursday in Winnipeg. He decried the conduct of the executives as “creative entrepreneurialism.”

Robinson said a number of front-line staff tried to speak out about the 200 kilograms of unlicensed cannabis that arrived at its Winnipeg production facility but were pressured to look the other way.

“That’s a real, sad position to put really, good quality people in, but sometimes they make the choice to protect their families, their livelihood and we don’t hold them accountable for those forced decisions,” he said. “In fact, we continue to support them.”

Complaints about the unauthorized cannabis eventually reached senior managers and the company’s board of directors.

Earlier this month, Health Canada issued a recall of two Bonify strains over contamination issues that were sold at three Saskatchewan retailers — Cannabis Co. in Regina, Spiritleaf in Moose Jaw and The Pot Shack in Saskatoon.

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