RCMP officers conducting a routine roadside stop in Manitoba last weekend seized a massive shipment of illegal cannabis products, police said Friday.

On July 20, a semitrailer was travelling to southern Ontario from Agassiz, B.C., on the Trans-Canada Highway when officers pulled it over near West Hawk Lake, about 140 kilometres east of Winnipeg, to inspect the driver’s paperwork.

The inspection yielded a number of “discrepancies,” Sgt. Scott McMurchy said at a news conference, with stacks of packaged marijuana on a table beside him.

Several officers examined the trailer and discovered the illegal cannabis — 420 kilograms of marijuana, as well as 75 kilos of shatter oils (concentrated cannabis extract), edibles and other products — hidden among a load of food.

“This seizure is the largest marijuana seizure through a traffic stop in Canada since 2015,” McMurchy said.

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